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In order for your communications system to grow as your business expands geographically, NEC provides various networking solutions that provide geographically distributed systems a range of interaction capabilities, from simple connectivity to seamless, transparent operation as a single system.

NEC’s Aspila EX communications system comes with AspilaNet technology, a network architecture that reinforces a network of Aspila EX systems into one coherent communication system across LAN / WAN; thus behaving like one large system. The AspilaNet package provides a seamless connection of multiple systems into a single “virtual” communications system using ISDN (PRI/BRI) and VoIP lines with unified numbering plan. AspilaNet will allow companies to connect their Aspila EX telephone systems in different locations together so they appear as one. An extension user in the network can easily dial another extension or transfer a call within the AspilaNet system.

An integral function of the NEC UNIVERGE SV8000 series Communication Servers, NetLink allows up to 16 sites to be linked together over a Data Communication IP NetLink that allows remote sites to have the same service features as at the main site, acting as one system. Systems can be installed separately in the same building or in remote offices connected via a qualified IP network. NetLInk ensures that your business can grow and communicate effectively with centralized programming and management. It extends your reach to remote offices and mobile workers while providing increased efficiency, and feature transparency – regardless of the primary unit’s physical location. 

In the mid-1980s NEC introduced CCIS -- Common Channel Inter-Office Signaling -- for networking PBXs together. This allowed users at remote sites to enjoy all the benefits of the telephone system, including industry-specific customized applications, even though they were not directly connected to a centrally located PBX.

CCIS was based on the telephony standard SS7, which allowed out-of-band call control signaling. CCIS did this and more; it also passed the messaging necessary for the PBX-to-PBX networking, which allowed the PBXs to communicate with each other and provided the rich set of common features to users at multiple sites. The result is a more efficient and cost-effective teamwork.

CCIS can be used to provide telephony services between the UNIVERGE SV8000 series Communications Server and other compatible NEC PBX systems. This makes it possible for you to keep on expanding your communications network as your business expands by linking your new NEC Communications Servers to your existing communications system and migrate the old equipment at the right time.

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