Design Your Business Communications, iPECS UCP

iPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s Unified Communications Platform designed to meet SME and Enterprise communications needs. As ground breaking innovative platform, iPECS UCP provides out of box UC and Mobility solution. In addition, iPECS UCP is scalable for premium UC solution.

Embedded UC and Telephony
As the most compelling advantage, UC features are embedded in iPECS UCP. Users can improve business efficiency and productivity with embedded UC features including real-time voice, video and presence enabled IM with messaging services (Visual Voice Mail and SMS etc.) under a single user interface on multiple devices.

Rich Business Applications
iPECS UCP provides a various range of applications and mobile clients to fulfill varying needs and requirements in the SME environments. Also, it offers interoperability with various 3rd party solutions in hospitality, healthcare and other vertical industries.

Wide Range of Mobility
iPECS UCP provides multiple mobility solutions to improve business productivity and decrease communication expenses. iPECS DECT and Wi-Fi phones provide feature rich and reliable communications for internal mobile workers. iPECS UCS mobile client delivers the power of a desk phones to smartphones or tablet PCs for external mobile workers.

Ultimate Flexibility on Deployment
iPECS UCP as “Modular ALL-IP Architecture” enables flexible and costeffective multi-site deployment with industryunique architecture. Furthermore, virtualized deployment is supported to maximize flexibility on deployment as well. (iPECS vUCP is needed) It can be fully networked in T-NET (Transparent Networking) or Networking mode for local survivability and PSTN failover. Also, it provides call server (Local/Geo) and power redundancy for seamless communications environment. Through flexible T-NET and redundancy features, IT managers can easily manage a multi-site architecture. Leverage your business to full of flexibility with wide range of deployment scenarios.

Seamless Scalability
As a scalable call server iPECS UCP allows businesses to easily expand capacity with optional gateways or boards. In addition, simple system port licensing enables upfront investment savings and cost-effective expansion as a business grows. Not only system capacity, communications features including UC solution also can be expanded or added with simple license.

Simple Deployment and Management
iPECS UCP with its unique architecture fits for various business environments in a simple and cost-effective way. An Installation wizard simplifies the initial installations. In addition, intuitive and customizable Webadmin enables simple management for IT managers. Also, there is another type of web portal for end-user which is called ‘Web User Portal’. End-users can easily set up basic personal settings anywhere via desktop or even on a mobile.

Virtualize Your Business Communications
iPECS vUCP (virtual UCP) is the first iPECS Unified product for virtualization solution. iPECS vUCP, as a software base call server is running on VMware virtual environment. The software is same as on-premise iPECS UCP and all the system features as well. Under the equal user experiences, iPECS vUCP will make easy to deploy your business communication’s flexibility and scalability. Also, it delivers an innovative way to manage diverse business applications and collaborate cost-effectively, so you can leverage business communications while keeping all the advantages of iPECS UCP.


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