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Managing Your Call Centre For Optimized Business Returns

Your contact centre is your central point of contact with your customers. As such, it is imperative that you have the right communications system and call centre solution to enable your staff to perform at maximum efficiency.

NEC offers a broad range of contact centre solutions to address the needs of contact centres from very small to very large; from loosely structured groups with informal agents to organizations with dedicated agents; from contact centres with straightforward applications serving single customer types to those with complex applications serving a wide variety of customers.

How do you evaluate your contact centre’s performance and plan for the future without adequate statistical information?
NEC’s call centre management solutions offer detailed information on agent productivity, system performance and performance of the contact centre as a whole. This data can then be used for real-time productivity management as well as create the historical foundation for analysis and planning.

Customers’ perception of your contact centre affects their impression of your business as a whole and NEC’s contact centre applications can help you improve that critical first impression by increasing customer access options and alternatives, streamlining customer transactions and creating a closed-loop system with contact follow-up.

How do you improve the efficiency of your contact centre? Could it also work in a more cost-effecive manner?
NEC’s products and applications for contacts centres enable you to enhance agent productivity; implement workforce management for forecasting, scheduling and tracking schedule adherence; streamline your processes, procedures and reporting through workflow management; and support the performance supervision for evaluation, quality assurance and training.

NEC’s wide range of products, applications and services are designed to provide contact centers with a framework that enables exceptional customer service and supports organizational efficiency. Our solutions address your most important needs: increasing your ability to respond, measuring performance, enhancing customer satisfaction, increasing management effectiveness and developing customer loyalty.

MyCalls Call Centre
Do you operate or plan to operate a small Call Centre?
MyCalls Call Centre helps you manage your call centre or a group of tele-marketing agents more efficiently and productively. It encompasses real-time status on screens for your managers to monitor all call centre activities and performance at a glance.

MyCalls Call Centre’s seamless integration with Aspila EX telephone system creates an advantage of retrieving and collating real-time statistics as well as storing historical statistics via the built-in ACD (Automatic Call Distribution). This allows your supervisors to gain extensive monitoring on the telephone usage status and traffic.
Real-time information such as total number of calls in queue, a caller’s waiting time, availability of customer service agents, abandoned and answered calls, will be displayed on the agent’s desktop PC. Call details, logs, and statistics are archived for further analysis via reports generated.

Various types of reports can be generated for crucial decision making, thus constructing an efficient call centre through availability, improved performance and service levels, while enhancing your customer’s calling experience.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Contact Centres will especially benefit from the built-in Automated Call Distribution (ACD) function in our NEC communication systems.

ACD is a system that distributes or routes incoming calls to a specific group of terminals that agents use. It enables businesses that handle large volumes of incoming phone calls from callers who have no need to talk to a specific person but require assistance from any of multiple persons like customer service representatives or technical support representatives at the earliest opportunity.

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