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Imagine never missing another call… Nice thought? All you need is a solution, the MyCalls solution, with a wide range of options including call management, call centre management, call recording, and call activity analysis. All happening in REAL-TIME, this allows speedy response to changing conditions.

Want to ensure calls are always answered?

  • Alarms can be programmed to alert a manager or an operator when a set rule is broken i.e. call unanswered for over 30 seconds.
  • Detailed call logs including calls received, calls abandoned, calls waiting to be answered, calls made, staff available for calls, call length and more.
  • Reporting which can be scheduled or run, including call costs, response times, staff telephone performance and levels of customer service.
  • Activity Display to ensure you can see agent activity, callers in queue, call waiting times, and can employ automatic call distribution (ACD) based on skill sets.


Want to give your agents control?

  • Agent Control gives your team the flexibility to log in and out of ACD queues to cope with fluctuating call traffic.


Want to save your call operators time?

  • Screen-pops speed up workflows, provides caller information at the fingertips of the operator and prompts for information requirements. These can even be transferred along with the call should a transfer be necessary – no more duplication of work!
  • Screen-pops provide relevant caller information even before a call is taken. Call handling is instantly speeded up and personalised greetings can be given to callers. If a call is transferred, the screen-pop gets transferred automatically.
  • Call recording gives you the peace of mind so you can always prove who said what. Disputes can be resolved quickly and painlessly saving you time, money and hassle. It’s also an effective training tool for your team, making sharing effective sales calls and reviewing telephone skills possible.

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