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Product introduce
TX teleRecorder System is a stand-along ,don’t need any PC when it records.It can record and save the recording file in the harddisk:It can record any conversation's date, recording kinds, conversation time, incoming call number, out-going call number, ext name, and port and so on. Built-in 160GB hard disk is able to store up to 8000 hours recording. It can inquire the recording through the recording kinds, conversation time, call duration, from / to telephone number, and so on. User can login the recording system through the local internet, network, and USB connection.The system not only can backup the recoding file,but also can backup the telephone recording message to the user’s PC,and also can backup to the other USB harddisk alone.


The product explained in detail :

APP characteristic :

  1. Monitoring people service atttitude、technology level:Examining working ability of service person; Analyzing product problem: Collecting customer’s advice in order to provice with product improvement base.
  2. Monitoring enterprise operation and checking utilization rate of call and human resource for high rank people.Can also find action of benefit damage quickly and do some relevant measure to prevent that.Futhermore,phone recording system can make people devote themselves to work and improve working efficiency.Therefore can search new sales potential and orientation,also can provide with unexpected law proof for high rank people.
  3. Helping sales know well about customer’s status in time and improving rate of business conclusion so that enterprise can train sales pointedly.
  4. Offering evidence directly for some special occasion,also can play these information in the player.
  5. Offering effect evidence for other field.
  6. Connecting with Group Phone PBX,it can do some call charge and record in the extension.



Main Function:
1. Software Operation system.
SupportsWindows98/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista Simplified Chinese version,Traditional Chinese version,English Operation system.

2. Unanswered Call
If your telephone line has the CID function , and an incoming call was unanswered, the system would detect the CID and record it automatically .

3. Multi-way of starting record

The system has Pressure Control,Key Control,Sound Control and so on..Start time of recording can be set freely –can record some duration ,or record whole a day.

4. Direction confirmation

Incoming call and Out-going call number automatically detection.
Remark: If you need caller id function,and your outside line must be have caller id function.

5. Real time monitoring

Can monitor the channel on conversation without any disturbance to the line.

6. Backup Automatically

According to the customer’s need,it can back up some important information through this function automatically

7. Log Management

The system has the integrity operation log,it can record all of the system operation.

8. Extension Record

After the recording system is connected to PBX ,it will record the extension particular information and can designate which extension in not recording status.

9. Inquire and Listen the recording on the network

If you install Tansonic recording system in one PC,and you can inquire and listen the recording file in the other PC on the Internet.

10. User Management

The system have multilevel user management function, different popedom use different function.

Technic Parameter : 

  • Channel capacity: 8 or 16
  • Disk capacity: 160GB harddisk memory,10000h Recording time.
  • Audio compress: 4KB/s(Real time),1KB/s(Backup)
  • Caller ID :DTMF,FSK.
  • Playing mode:Through local internet in PC,USB or Internet.
  • Power request: AC100-240V,50-60HZ
  • Power:10W
  • Weight:4.3kg/8ch,4.5kg/16ch.
  • Size: 425mm(W)×65mm(H)×285mm(D),435mm(W)×65mm(H)×310mm(D) with rack mount


PC Requirement:
In order to make Tansonic digital Phone Recording System operation normally,We recommend PC requirement according the following :

  • Windows 98 SE2, Windows NT、Windows2000 or Windows XP operation system.
  • CPU Speed > 800MHZ Pentium
  • Memory:256M
  • Audio Box
  • Other equipment of PC


Approprite Situation:
Appropriate situation normal line or trunk line,extension line,PBX line,ISDN,Group phone system.


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