Multisuns DCRS Series of voice loggers fit into the most demanding office environments. The flexibility of the DCRS system provides our customers a variety of choices. The units fit snugly into a large multi-site organization as it does in a single office.

Multisuns has designed the DCRS Series of voice loggers to concentrate on the core of your business: voice recording, archiving and network ability. With simple to use navigation, search and playback tools the DCRS can be operated by anyone. All units feature basic functions suh as: recording, live-monitoring and managed security. While at the same time we offer multiple options to enhance your experience, such as: central archiving, OAPI and networking capabilities.

Strong intergration and voice logging technology has made the DCRS Series the number one choice for thousands of businesses around the world.



  • Analog, Digital Signals, E1 & T1 Interface & VoIP

Search and Playback

  • Quick Search, Retrieval and Replay over the LAN/WAN & the Internet
  • Over 28 search parameters: Date, Time, Extension Number, Customer ID, etc
  • Message tagging for future reference and searching

Total Recording

  • Assignable Schedule Recording


  • Live monitoring of on-going calls from any workstation or remote phone


  • Can be integrated with Call Center, PBX, ACD and custom databases


  • DVD-RAM, DAT72, USB HDD NAS storage


  • Multiple access levels for secure and easy use
  • Minimum training for users


  • Designed to run 24x7 for non-stop recording
  • Standard Raid-1 mirror hard disk to prevent complete hard disk failure
  • Redundant Power Supply (optional)
  • Complete and secured database system


  • Fully scalable to accommodate organization requirements and business growth
  • Distributed architecture designed to connect more than one recording server
  • 4 channels to 256 channels per DCRS recording server


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