MA4000 Expense Management

Better performance, less costs

To centrally manage its communication system is of strategic importance to any company. This enables an organization to keep a firm grip on the communication costs, reachability and the serviceability of its system. Secure, easy-to-use and robust, our management solutions are designed to increase overall productivity while delivering flexibility and simplicity.

MA4000 Expense Management gives insight in:

  • Operational costs: Know what you are spending
  • Audit Control: Know if your phone bills are correctly priced
  • Fraud Control: Know if your system is abused
  • Activity analysis: Know how your communications are used
  • Performance: Know who is using your equipment and when
  • Utilization: Knowhow and to what extent your devices are being used

MA4000 offers the full set of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) applications, such as call accounting, billing, invoicing, mobile management, budget control and asset management. The system’s modular architecture allows the application to be easily expanded by adding new modules in accordance with customer requests, special projects or market trends. A policy-planning module implements and monitors real time performance and usage according to an organization’s criteria for budget control, user performance and system health.

Key functionality:

  • Automates activity analysis
  • Issues alerts and reports
  • Announcing when budget limits are reached
  • Identifies internal fraud and harassment calls
  • Pinpoints calls for security purposes
  • Grants permission to a user on data and feature level
  • Web based access offers control from any place
  • Monitors, reports, allocates & controls costs
  • Analyze calls from cradle to grave
  • Allows to track special numbers like 112
  • Automatically bars an extension (optional) when exceeding budget
  • Assesses trunk usage
  • Indicates penalty for removing a trunk
  • Pinpoints the busiest time of day for call traffic

Day-to-day operation is simple and intuitive, requiring no technical expertise. Easy access from a web-based portal allows businesses to control their day-to-day tasks from one screen and do everything from tracing a call within a few seconds to monitoring corporate-wide usage information.

MA4000 Expense Management is offered in two versions:

MA4000 Expense Management Light Edition (LE) a full featured single site call accounting system suitable for small-to-medium-sized business

MA4000 Expense Management Enterprise (ENT) best suited for medium to large businesses

Both LE and ENT versions can run standalone or integrated with MA4000 System Management and can support a multivendor environment. The application is designed around an architecture supporting multi-tier processes, queues and services, which offers the benefit of distributing loads across multiple servers and provides growth opportunities and flexibility.

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