M166 Communicator

M166 Communicator

Personal security pendant for care and cure patients

The M166 is a communicator ideally suited as personal security device for elderly in assisted living or patients in care and cure institutions.

Key characteristics

  • Alarming and calling
  • Tear-off alarm (pull cord)
  • Lanyard cord
  • IP56 support
  • Big alarm button plus additional hot-call number
  • Loudspeaker, trembler
  • Headset
  • Compatible with Ekahau (RSSI) and Tyco/Elpas (beacons) for Real Time Location Solutions

At the point of need

An alert? An alarm? A man-down situation? By pushing the SOS button on the phone, the system automatically sets up an emergency call. Vice versa, the central system can also invite you to a call setting this up automatically.

Say it out loud!

The loudspeaker function gives you ultimate freedom to move. This keeps your hands free during the call and enables you to do other tasks at the same time.

Location detection

NEC’s IP DECT solution can also be used to locate the M166 Communicator and its user. This is an extremely powerful feature, enabling to monitor patients when they may be wandering and provide assistance quickly on the spot when needed.

Trembler alert

Sometimes you are waiting for a call or need to be on the alert, but have to also be in a meeting or are operating in an environment where you do not wish to disturb others. Or you may be in an extremely loud environment or circumstances where a vibration alert is preferable. The built-in vibration function is the ideal solution, enabling you to be available without having to disturb others.

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