Smart DECT/WiFi handset with unique enterprise grade capabilities

The SmartDECT handset G966 is a sophisticated handset providing enterprise grade capabilities and proven DECT voice quality with the flexibility of Android application support. The G966 is the ultimate in functionality and with its large 4” high resolution touchscreen satisfies the most advanced needs of professionals on the move.

Key characteristics

  • Sophisticated handset with rich call control features and applications
  • Appealing design and Smartphone user experience
  • Large 4” high resolution touchscreen plus all essential keys for call handling
  • Mobile Unified Communications incl. central directory and presence lookup
  • Android 4 and WiFi to support any relevant business application
  • Front camera for video supported unified communications
  • Bluetooth LE (low energy) to connect to a variety of external devices
  • Superb HD-Voice with G.722 codec in line with CAT-iq specifications
  • Micro USB and SD card
  • HD-speakerphone (CAT-iq)

Smarter than smart

The G966 SmartDECT handset combines the power of DECT communications and WiFi data. The handset’s WiFi capabilities and Android OS provide users with access to their vital business applications, integration with NEC’s SV9000 platform, but also to Mail and Calendar, a company’s intranet and VoWiFi. The large 4” inch high resolution touchscreen makes it a pleasure to work with.

Email, calendar and contacts at hand

Outlook integration gives you access to all your day to day business information. Check email and calendar while on the move. Find the telephone numbers and names of the entire organization easily with the central directory always at hand. And you know when they are available to take a call. Simply browse to the right person in your display and check the person’s presence status. So much for convenience and efficiency!

Comfort and convenience

The comfort and convenience of a headset when making frequent and lengthy calls and when moving around the office is indisputable. The Bluetooth Low Energy functionality gives you access to even more options, besides connecting a headset for instance also to synchronise contacts with your PC or mobile, or exchanging other information with your computer. The built in camera enables video supported calling, video monitoring and easily attaching images.

At the point of need

An alert? An alarm? A man-down situation? Powerful text and alarm messaging capabilities are at hand for a wide variety of applications in different types of business. With messaging, staff can be alerted about incidents such as a fire, nurse calls or status of industrial processes. Pushing the SOS button on the phone, the system alerts staff to provide assistance, while the system can also automatically provide the location information of the phone sending the alarm.

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